House4 Bairro Alto in Lisbon, Portugal

House4 Bairro Alto, Lisbon, Portugal

We're Not a Hotel - We're Your Home in Lisbon

House4 Bairro Alto in Lisbon, Portugal

Travelling is all about a city's character, unravelled by the experiences we collect, like from an accommodation at House4 Bairro Alto in Lisbon, Portugal. Each hub is something to discover and get to know better, a progression that extends to the choice of where to stay. This is what House4 shows. With its spirited vibe and central location, our bed and breakfast tells you more about Lisbon by serving a unique, stylish stay, an alternative to the run-of-the-mill hotel that looks and feels the same everywhere.

Located in the trendy bohemian Bairro Alto district, House4 truly captures the area's dynamism, making it not just a place to sleep in. Housed in a restored 18th-century building but with contemporary amenities and interiors, it represents the best of the Portuguese capital — a delightful combination of past and present.

And this has clearly made our bed and breakfast a top choice in the area. It is, indeed, the place to call home in Lisbon, what with favourable features in publications such as Rotas & Destinos, blue Travel, pure/ magazine, and even Spain's El Pais.

House4 Bairro Alto - Rooms

Stylishly Intimate, Without Being Stiff and Formal

Like the best hotels in Lisbon, our air-conditioned rooms each has a private toilet and bath, and equipped with a flat-screen TV with cable channels plus DVD player. Yet the similarities end there. With only 4 rooms available, it's easy to turn House4 Bairro Alto into an intimate hangout for you and your friends. And despite the sleek interior design, there are some quirky touches — like pipes artfully converted into towel holders — separating us from any other accommodation that come across as stylish but cold. Details.

House4 Bairro Alto - Facilities

Live Like a Local

With our bed and breakfast in Lisbon, it's definitely easy to experience the life of a local and call this place home. During the day, our area is tranquil, perfect for enjoying the beautiful churches and cosy cafes. At night, it transforms into a hub for a vibrant nightlife, where many club and bar patrons spill out into the streets. In between, you can sample the drinks from our pocket bar, while using the free Wi-Fi, or DVD player to watch movies. Alternatively, you just can chill out with a glass of Portuguese wine in the living room of House4 Bairro Alto after a long day of going around the city. Details.





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