House4 Bairro Alto

House4 Bairro Alto Hotel in Lisboa

House4 Bairro Alto is a stylish hotel located in Lisbon, Portugal's trendy district of Bairro Alto. This strategic spot is ideal for travellers who wish to experience the heart of the city. During the day, the area is tranquil, perfect for savouring the beautiful Baroque churches and cosy cafes that line its streets. At night, it transforms into a hub for a vibrant nightlife, where many club and bar patrons spill out into the streets.

Despite this lively location, the accommodation in Lisbon ensures you can sleep unperturbed inside its cosy, private lodgings. So, when you wake up the next day, you'll be refreshed and ready to explore the city's key landmarks, which are readily accessible from House4 Bairro Alto.

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